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  • Who pays for the online ads?
    We pay for ads on the standard platforms, as long as your car is under contract with us. If sold, this is included in the commission. If you should decide to keep the car and cancel the contract, you will only be charged with the cost for ads until that point. For specialty / premium platforms, we charge the cost of the ad in advance.
  • Does my car stay with me during the sales process?
    Usually, yes! If you don't have space to keep the car at your location, we are happy to organise a parking space at or near our location at Lake Tegernsee.
  • What does the photoshoot include and how long does it take?
    We will provide you with a digital picture set of 20 pictures, curated to show a proper overview of the car. Beyond that, we'll take about a total of 100 pictures and 3 videos, to be able to show every detail to a potential buyer on demand. A photoshoot takes about 2 hours. Please make sure your car is professionally cleaned inside and outside on the day of the shoot!
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